Working with an animal shelter isn’t necessarily the first idea that comes to mind in men’s fashion. In fact, there are whole campaigns and collaborations between brands and charity organizations to provide aid to disaster victims, terminally ill hospital patients, and delivering necessities to those in under-developed countries. All of these efforts are awesome and they truly provide help in places where it is needed; without these actions, Paratodo wouldn’t exist. Period. However, there are underdogs (absolutely no pun intended) in fundraisers between clothing companies and charities, and they happen to be actual dogs and cats. According to the Animal Care & Control Team (A.C.C.T.), their Philadelphia shelters take in approximately 20,000 homeless animals a year. This number is staggering; that’s enough animals to fill up half of the seats in Citizens Bank Park. Unfortunately, due to limited resources and lack of capacity, many animals must be euthanized. For-kill animal shelters are extremely common due to these very conditions. It was out of the unacceptance of euthanasia being a potential solution to this issue that Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (P.A.W.S.) was born. In 2009 PAWS was born out of ACCT to help remedy the issue of killing animals to create space for new incoming pets. They are now Philadelphia’s biggest no-kill animal shelter, helping find cats and dogs new “forever homes.” To date, they have helped relocate over 17,000 pets to new homes.

This brings us to the question as to why we chose PAWS. Honestly, it wasn’t a hard decision at all. When we were first brainstorming the idea of Paratodo, we wanted to aid those without a voice. It’s the attention to detail the staff at PAWS takes to ensure that people are adopting the right pet for their new home that really inspired our involvement with them. For this Autumn/Winter collection, we are dedicating 25% of our profits to help distribute food, litter, and most importantly, medical care. Because most donations to their adoption centers are food and other necessities, the cost of medical care, such as spaying operations, regular checkups, and medicine are completely dependent on financial contributions. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Ame Wiltzius, the manager of the Olde City Adoption Center, to discuss who PAWS is and what their goals are. Hope you enjoy the video!