Honesty is a quality that we cherish, and we want to make this known. With our Analysis tab, we will be keeping you up to date with information about what goes on behind the scenes. Below you can find out how our costs and profits are divided, and learn more about where your donation goes once you make a purchase with us. 


Selected Organization for Spring / Summer 2019:

O Viveiro


“‘Educating a child to educate the people’ was born of the need to address the existing emergency in the Province of Tete in educational - training sector, concerning in particular the female population. The project favors female development, recognizing in women the true root of society, especially in situations of extreme poverty: they are the heart of the family, of the first and most important nucleus of human aggregation. Promoting the formation and development of women, from an early age, means promoting the whole society in a balanced way."


How Your Donation is Helping

With a poverty rate of over 42 percent in Mozambique, many children, especially those in rural areas, start a life of work early on, abandoning educational opportunities. Additionally, the rate of enrollment of young girls in primary education is less than 48 percent. Due to these two factors, including others, many young girls are at high risk of being abused, forced into marriage at young ages, or are incorporated into human trafficking. O Viveiro works to provide both formal education, K-12, while also preparing at risk youth girls for college and life as an adult. The project is aimed at girls in need of the Province of Tete and foresees the creation of a Center "O Viveiro" in which the young women will be welcomed as permanent guests and will receive complementary training to that of public schools. To learn more about this initiative, please visit:


The Collaboration Project

Education is fundamental to the growth of a person and instrumental in their future. However, many people lack access to even primary education. We wanted to get back to our roots of why we started Paratodo: to help give opportunities to those who do not have them. With such a steep hill most of these girls face in order to attain something as normal as public education, Paratodo will be working to provide school supplies and overall necessities these girls need in order to secure their education. Everything from backpacks and books to linens for the beds the girls sleep in at the center will be supplied through your contribution.