Honesty is a quality that we cherish, and we want to make this known. With our Analysis tab, we will be keeping you up to date with information about what goes on behind the scenes. Below you can find out how our costs and profits are divided, and learn more about where your donation goes once you make a purchase with us. 


Selected Organization for Spring / Summer 2018:

Project Kuya


"Starting in 2016, Project Kuya has become an opportunity to give back to those in need. We work by assembling a team of volunteers and working to provide hygiene kits for families on the islands on Negros and Cebu in the Philippines."


How Your Donation is Helping

The poverty rate in the Philippines is over 20%, 2 million of whom are children living in extreme conditions, lacking everyday essentials like hygiene products and clothing. These obstacles keep the children from attending school, due to lack of necessary attire or due to becoming sick from a lack of access to hygienic materials. We’re proud to align ourselves in our newest collaboration for SS/18 with Project Kuya who work hard to provide the essentials these children need. They strive to give these children and their community the opportunities to everyday items we have. To learn more about Project Kuya, please visit:


The Collaboration Project

Since we were going to be collaborating with Project Kuya on our Spring / Summer collection, we wanted to take some inspiration from the Philippines and Filipino culture and introduce it to our audience. We have created a collection of tees, shirts, shorts, jackets and accessories that take influences from our experience of visiting the Philippines and being exposed to the many different lifestyles that people live, fusing it together with our own perspective and style.  With this project, we hope to use our platform to expose others to issues that people across the world are going through, while establishing a global community for Paratodø that connects people from all different walks of life.